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My First Destination, Seoul!

Dernière mise à jour : 4 oct. 2021

Charlie Viel, columnist

October 3, 2021


Welcome to you, stranger!

In this series of articles, I’ll show you some cities I consider treasures of this beautiful world we live in. All those pretty landscapes and city pictures you see on Google, did you ever wonder where all of those come from? Did you ever stumble across a picture of Seoul at night? All those lights and buildings, a city full of life, even at night...

Seoul is in South Korea, Asia. As you can see in the picture, where everything is in the Korean alphabet (“Hangul”), the spoken language is Korean. The Korean culture is very interesting and unique.

Let’s start with K-Pop! You’ve probably heard of it, and many probably already made fun of it without knowing this genre at all. Lots of stereotypes were and are still spreading around, so I’ll clarify this whole negative mess. First, K-Pop made its first apparition with the group “Seo Taiji and boys” in 1993. This kind of music contains lots of different genres such as pop, rap, rock, r&b and indie. You surely have heard of the most popular boy group in the world, BTS. BTS stands for Bangtansonyeondan (방탄소년단). Those seven artists are known for their incredible statistics and their very good songs. The K-Pop industry is promoted by lots of groups such as StrayKids, Ateez, SF9, Enhypen, P1Harmony and Tomorrow by Together.

Secondly, food is considered a very important part of their daily lives. It is mainly based on rice, vegetables and seafood. If you ever go to South Korea, food should be one of your priorities!

Lastly, respect is taken to a whole other level. How you act with other people depends on your age and status. There are different honorary titles you must use if you’re communicating with someone older or with a higher status. It’s also a mark of respect to bow for apologies, salutations, etc.

I hope you liked my first article and I hope you’ll read me again next time! <3

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Liza-Marie Claveau
Liza-Marie Claveau

Wow! Charlie tu m'impressionnes!😀

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